Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Muskrat Park Tea Cup: A Waterfind from Michaela and Rachel

September 9, 2006
My sister and I found this cup in Muskrat Park (St. Michaels, MD), where the County has been burying new piping under the lawn. At first, the pieces we found were rather big, but the longer we searched the smaller they got. Eventually, we were finding some bits no bigger than a thumb nail. We think that the cup might have been almost completely intact before the machine began digging, because the broken edges were relatively clean. The only piece we think was broken beforehand was the handle, which might have caused the owners to throw the cup away. After we had found all the pieces that we could, Rachel and I fit them together then taped them into place, giving you the cup you see here.
~ Michaela Beggins (12)

We’re told that Muskrat Park was once a swamp, and people hunted muskrat there.  Then, people filled the swamp in with dirt, and now it is called Muskrat Park.  That’s where it got its name.
~ Rachel Beggins (9)


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