Friday, April 21, 2006

Beach Marbles: a WaterFind from Diana

I have been collecting marbles over the past 39 years from our local beaches, Arbutus Cove and Cadboro Bay, in Victoria, B.C. Canada. They are always just rolling around with the stones, and as far as I know, no kids ever go there with marbles. My hunch is that crows pick them up from play areas and drop them on the stones to break them open as they do with Horse Chestnuts. Some of the marbles I've collected are very worn and pitted, suggesting they have been rolling around in the gravel and stones for a long time. As you can see, one is even broken.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Agates: A WaterFind from Diana

Most of my life I have found agates. In the glacial moraine of my childhood haunts in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, I found them on the stony beach of Osoyoos Lake, still in their shell of lava rock so that to be admired, they had to be cut by the local lapidary with his powerful saw. In my adulthood, I have been delighted to find well worn specimens on the saltwater beaches around Victoria. These show their colours immediately, having been eroded to their core over the millenia they have spent being tumbled by nature on the shore of Vancouver Island.
They are all different shapes and sizes and colours, and I always feel so blessed when I find a new one. Two are so similar in size and colour it is amazing. I found them on our local beach 3 years apart and had them made into earrings for Robin for her birthday one year. They are shown here resting on some of their cousins from the same beach. The most recent find was the day after Loki, our 15 year old hound, died. We were taking one of his favourite walks, when a huge one with strange markings, appeared at my feet. It was definitely a sign for me that he was still with us in spirit, just laughing at us as we walked his beach yet again.
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

China Nose: A WaterFind from banniebean

When we were dating, my husband and I made many visits to the tiny beach in Claiborne, Maryland. We always gathered washed up treasures. One of the most unique we found (the actual finding credit is his!) was this china nose which must have once been part of a china doll.

Did a little girl lose the doll off a boat? Was it washed out of a trash heap? Did it slip out of someone's hands and tumble off a dock? Where is the rest of the doll?

Or perhaps it was from a mermaid's toy never know.